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SNÉ participated in the Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference (OTEC)

June 2016

SNÉ presented the Mobius SoundTM at the Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference (OTEC) – a government-sponsored event in Beijing that aims to connect international entrepreneurs with investment and growth opportunities to help them launch their startups in China.

The Mobius SoundTM reduces the problem of back-wave distortion in loudspeakers.  At its core is an innovative, modern geometric design. The exceptional design keeps the back-wave from reflecting back towards the speaker. This ensures that the acoustic energy of the back-wave is preserved, allowing it to play its role in the overall sound reproduction of the enclosure.

Boaz Dekel, an industrial designer who is a graduate of Bezalel, designed the speakers. Boaz presented the invention as part of the StartupEast group.

StartupEast is the first Israeli-pan-Asian go-to-market platform for tech startups who want to penetrate new markets in Asia. It has offices in Tel-Aviv, Singapore and soon in Shanghai, as well.

As part of OTEC, the startup competition was designed to bring global talents to Beijing’s Chaoyang District, the foremost startup hub of the capital city, comparable to Silicon Roundabout in London or Silicon Valley in California.

Nine startups participated in the competition and showcased their company and business model in a five-minute presentation + a five-minute Q&A from the judge.