SN2E opens the door to a rich resource of innovation for commercial applications, providing the industry with unlimited opportunities
SNE - Technology transferSNE - Technology transfer


Israel’s academic institutions, hospitals and research centers are great breeding ground for commercially viable innovations. But, how can innovation best be moved from labs to profitable products at Fortune 1,000 companies?

Startup Nation 2 Enterprise ( SN2E) is an Israeli National Technology Transfer Company (TTC) and is the exclusive provider of IP commercialization services for all government-funded academic institutions, hospitals and research centers. Operating in the heart of the Startup Nation,  SN2E has an end-to-end customer-centric IP commercialization process and Startup Nation IP pipeline that create an unprecedented direct and fast connection between Israel’s leading researchers and Fortune 1,000 multi-national corporation Innovation, M&A and Ventures Executives to identify business growth needs and strategic IP solutions more efficiently than current TTO models.

With more than 40 designated academic institutions, hospitals and research centers,  SN2E offers Israeli academia an accelerated and assured route to commercialization and monetization of promising inventions and technology available for licensing. It provides transfer guidelines, IP branding, marketing and business development services without the cost and hassle of a TTC tender.

With its active support and subsidies from government bodies, established connections with technology inventors, and extensive Fortune 1,000 Innovation Centers, M&A and Ventures network,  SN2E offers access to high-level prospects across Israel’s, North America’s, and the world’s best scientific, business and financial communities.

The SN2E Advantages

Expert Single Source Startup Nation IP Partner

SN2E has built a team of highly experienced global business, sales, technology, IP lawyers, Fortune 500 Chief Marketing Officer and innovation executives from a broad range of industries.  Our experts are on-the-ground in Israel and North America to be of service to our Fortune 1,000 IP customers and IP institutions.  SN2E  provides a highly efficient, white-glove service to complete solutions for licensing technology and transforming IP into commercial success. With its business-oriented approach, multi-disciplinary expert team, end-to-end workflow, customer-centric IP commercialization and business development process, SN2E  brings unique value to every step of the invention protection process while enabling fast Return on Innovation for all parties.