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Neo-natal Breaster™

Full Solution For The Breast Milk Pump-to-Baby Cycle

Breast milk is recognized as the optimal nutrient for newborn babies. The need and demand for a safe and efficient breast-to-pump-to-baby mechanism is significant. The breast milk feeding process in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a complex, multi-stage process, involving transfer of the milk from pump, to storage, to bottle, to feeding tube. This process causes wasted time, a loss of precious milk, and exposure to contaminating agents.
The Neo-natal BreasterTM is a unique kit containing all the components needed for a full breast milk pump-to-baby cycle. Its unified design reduces the number of liquid transfers, lowers the level of staff involvement, and reduces the chance of contamination.

– Reduced staff time, lower material costs, improved economies of scale, fewer components.
– Design enhances mother-child connection. Prevents milk mix-ups.
– Reduces milk loss.
– Better milk quality, reduced exposure to contaminates, preserves optimal nutritional value.

– Disposable medical OEM, consumer/medical product manufacturers and large-scale distributors

Inventor: Ravid Koriat
Patent: Pending
Institute: Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem