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An easy-to-use affordable solution to prevent stuttering

It is estimated that 1 in 100 people worldwide suffer from speech fluency dysfunction commonly known as stuttering. Despite massive efforts, the 70 million affected individuals globally still lack an affordable and sustainable solution.
SpeakUpTM enables the user to maintain normal speech flow via a psycho-sensory effect delivered through continuous  tactile movement on the skin. SpeakUpTM is clipped onto the user’s clothing to be discrete and convenient.

– Continual tactile rhythm allowing natural speech as opposed to metronome rhythm.
– Affordable and effective – significantly less costly than current alternatives.
– Convenient and discrete – first wearable solution.
– Speech fluency dysfunction therapists and sufferers.
– Speech flow device manufacturers.
Inventor: Oshrat Cohen
Patent: Pending
Institute: Hadassah Academic College