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Jerusalem College of Technology

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The Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) –  Lev Academic Center was founded in 1969 by Prof. Ze’ev Lev and has grown into one of Israel’s major academic institutions of higher recognized by Israel’s Council of Higher Education, graduating many of Israel’s high tech engineers and most of its electro-optic engineers each year.


The fields of study in which our students earn their degrees are:

The goals of JCT are:

The Jerusalem College of Technology comprises three Campuses:

Today, the Jerusalem College of Technology has an enrollment of some 4000 students and a faculty of over 500 professors, instructors and research scientists. JCT students come from all sectors of Israel society with a large segment coming from Israel’s development towns and peripheral areas around the country.

Research and Development, a critical component of JCT involving scientists, faculty and students, has resulted in major advances in many fields, including medical technology and driving safety. Researchers and developers work both independently and with students on innovative technological ideas, encouraging the aspiring scientists to bring their high-tech projects to fruition. Courses in entrepreneurship aim to give our students the practical knowledge and tools to turn their innovations into commercial success.

The Jerusalem College of Technology – Lev Academic Center is looking forward to continued growth and expansion, helping to provide solutions to Israel’s academic and economic needs.


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