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Carbon-Fiber Thread Needle™

Easier, more durable stitching of pre-form structures for composite products

In advanced composite manufacturing processes, preform structures are stitched together in order to optimize ber alignment and adherence of layers for enhanced stress tolerance and a longer structure lifespan. The best results are achieved using ultra-fine carbon-fiber thread, which offers both increased strength and weight reduction. However, the thread’s brittleness makes it difficult to use, as it tends to snap when bent during machine sewing.
The Carbon-Fiber Thread NeedleTM is an innovative industrial sewing needle used to join preform structures for composite products with carbon-fiber thread. The head of the Carbon-Fiber Thread Needle features a 1 mm radius curvature that prevents sharp bending of brittle thread creating easier, more durable stitching of composite fabrics, improves product quality and reduces the weight of stitched materials
for use in heavy industry.

– Superior product quality – improved product strength and reduced weight.
– Process improvement – enhanced stitching performance and reliability.
– Low production overhead – needle is small and inexpensive to manufacture, test, deliver.
– Drop in’ replacement – compatible with standard production machinery.
– Manufacturers of industrial sewing machines, threads and supplies
– Manufacturers of composites that use preform structures
– Manufacturers of equipment for production of composite preforms.

Inventors: Prof. Weinberg Amotz & Eilam Yair
Patent: US7487733
Institute: Shenkar College of Engineering