SN2E opens the door to a rich resource of innovation for commercial applications, providing the industry with unlimited opportunities
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ASIP & Workflow

ASIP Methodology

SN2E employs an in-house developed methodology for commercialization of Intellectual Properties (IP). The methodology, also known as Application Specific Intellectual Property (ASIP), ensures a predictable transformation of a scientific discoveries and inventions from the field of academic research all the way to a volume production deployment of the IP related technology into a commercially viable product.


SN2E provides a highly efficient, complete solution for transforming IP into commercial success. With its business-oriented approach, multi-disciplinary expert team, end-to-end workflow and unique practical IP discovery methodology, SN2E brings unique value to every step of the process, enabling fast ROI for all parties.
SN2E follows a unique end-to-end workflow for identifying promising inventions, evaluating commercial applications, and matching opportunities to investment goals. Its proprietary Application Specific IP (ASIP) methodology ensures predictable transformation of scientific discoveries and inventions into commercially viable products and fast ROI.