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A low-cost system that generates highly reproducible microspheres

Microspheres are a promising ingredient delivery technology in which the active material is encapsulated with a natural or synthetic material that targets delivery by controlling the material release. High-quality polymer microspheres are commercially available. Currently, they are being used on a limited basis – most commonly in the pharmaceutical industry as a drug delivery system for APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients). However, their wider and more frequent use is hindered by poor yields, resulting in expensive manufacturing, and in many cases
rendering them unprofitable. Additionally, the majority of microspheres manufactured by current methods lose payload quickly, typically releasing about 80% of the payload within the first few days.
JetSphere is a novel method for generating microspheres from various materials that improves manufacturing processes, and significantly reduces costs. Moreover, the unique JetSphere technique, which employs print heads to jet out the microsphere material, much like how ink is jetted out, overcomes the problem of payload loss.
JetSphere is a game-changing manufacturing process for microspheres, one that can meet the needs of numerous material delivery technologies, with easy and inexpensive setup. Beyond pharmaceuticals, the new method is an excellent fit for various industries such as cosmetics, construction and others.

– Efficient manufacturing, with a 50% yield improvement over current techniques.
– Perfect production – The microspheres are reproducible, uniform and controllable
– Customized release mechanism – JetSphere is able to optimize the payload release
according to the application.
– More cost-effective – Quick and simple setup reduces manufacturing costs.
– Environmentally-friendly – No secondary process to remove toxic solvent.

– Injectable or dry powder inhalable drug delivery is the fastest growing segment of this
$6.68 billion market.
– Various pharmaceutical applications.
– Cosmetics, fertilizers, washing powder, paint, agriculture, construction, and more.

Inventors: Dr. Dan Lewitus
Patent: Pending
Institute: Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art