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Galilee Medical Center

University Medical Center

Galilee Medical Center is the largest government hospital in Israel’s Galilee region. It has 69 departments and specialty units, 722 registered beds, 300 volunteers and 2,600 employees making it the largest employer in Galilee. The Medical Center serves a demographically mixed population of 600,000 people that comprise Galilee’s mosaic of Jews, Moslems, Christians and Druze. Located six miles from Israel’s border with Lebanon, it is also the main treatment center for Israel Defense Force’s northern command.

Established in 1947, the Medical Center is constantly growing and developing. Its priorities are determined by population growth as well as the need to provide the widest range of state of the art medical and emergency medical services to isolated communities.

Galilee Medical Center became affiliated with the Bar Ilan University Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee in 2011. Sixty percent of Bar Ilan’s medical students receive clinical training at Galilee Medical Center and many of its physicians are senior academic members of the university’s faculty. Galilee Medical Center is now one of Israel’s major teaching hospitals. Another significant aspect of this affiliation is the Translational Research Center, currently under construction, which will greatly expand the Medical Center’s existing research potential and capabilities. The Translational Research Center will be the only in-hospital Research Institute in northern Israel and will include both laboratories and clinical facilities, encompassing the contemporary approach of bench to bed-side research.

Galilee Medical Center is on track to becoming the central surgical referral center for the north of Israel. Expanding accessibility of much needed medical care, Galilee Medical Center is a pivotal element in the development and growth of the Galilee region. The wide range of care the Medical Center provides to the residents of the north aligns with its mission to provide the most sophisticated, professional medical treatment and compassionate service to the community it serves.

Galilee Medical Center is active in the following areas:

Principal Services: 

Galilee Medical Center’s main services are the provision of medical services to the Galilee’s diverse population of approximately 600,000 residents based on the following:

Research and Development

Galilee Medical Center’s management considers research an important and integral part of its employees’ responsibilities for the benefit of patients and staff alike. In 2008, a Research Authority was established by Professor Batya Kristal, MD, Head of the Nephrology Division, Vice Dean of Clinical Research, Bar Ilan University Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee. The Research Authority is a professional organizational platform for the development, support and advancement of research studies and publications, investment in training of employees and provision of research tools and clinical research practice courses such as GCP (Good Clinical Practice).

The Medical Center and its future as a medical service provider and a teaching and research institution, depend on the quality of its medical personnel.  Research activity enables the Medical Center to maintain its high professional standards and update its medical, nursing and paramedical staff on what is current in their fields. Moreover, it is essential to the enhancement and provision of quality cutting edge treatment for patients in the present and the future.  Translational medical research, which begins in the laboratory and proceeds to the clinical field, constitutes an integral part of medical treatment, and there is a direct connection between quality research activity and quality of the medical treatment.

The Research Authority supports and assists the Medical Center’s research staff with the research planning stages, obtaining budgets and analyzing data until its publication. The Authority assists the Medical Center’s researchers to conduct studies that meet high standards for publication in professional periodicals in Israel and overseas.  This activity serves as a bridge to pharmaceutical companies and external researchers who are interested in conducting research at Galilee Medical Center.

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