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Questions & Answers – For Students

SN2E. Connecting Israel’s IP to Industry Growth

Who is SN2E?

SN2E is Israel‘s Technology Transfer Company (TTC), the 1st & only Startup Nation tech transfer company authorized by the Israeli Council for Higher Education  to aggregate & commercialize IP developed at Israeli government-funded colleges, hospitals and research institutions, and  is the preferred provider of IP commercialization services for all institutions.

Operating in the heart of the Startup Nation, SN2E has unique solutions for fast and optimized transformation of IP into commercial success.


What does IP commercialization mean?

IP commercialization is the process by which knowledge and intellectual property (a product, concept, or design, or even a cartoon character) undergo a process of protection and development and are then sold or transferred to a commercial company – for a fee.


What does intellectual property mean?

Intellectual property is an invention or an original work. There are various tools to protect intellectual property, including patent and design registration, and other methods. The inventor will always own the intellectual rights for an invention and it will be registered under the inventor’s name. However, the inventor will not necessarily own the commercial rights.


Who owns the rights to an invention or design?

The inventor will always and forever own the intellectual rights for the invention (and the patent will always be registered under the inventor’s name), but the commercial rights may be owned by an academic institution, research center, company, investor, etc.


What is the role of a Technology Transfer Company (TTC)?

A TTC handles the process of commercialization and protection of intellectual property. The office works on several levels to improve the commercialization capability of inventions. By protecting and registering the intellectual property rights (patents and designs) it improves the potential for investment in the intellectual property.  SN2E works extensively to enrich the commercial potential of the IP and it develops a professional business plan, which is later used to present the unique value for the investors.


What’s in it for me?

In short, if the process succeeds, you make money. Furthermore, in all cases of patent or design registration, the student will be registered as the patent inventor – a strong point in any CV.  In accordance with the SN2E -Institution agreement, a student inventor is entitled to receive their share of the money received by the institution following commercialization of the invention, according to the institute’s regulations.


What happens if the process fails?

If, despite all efforts, SN2E does not succeed in commercialization – handling of the invention returns to the institution and ownership of the invention may be released following the standard procedure.
What happens if I’m not interested in my invention being commercialized?
No problem. SN2E only provides its services with the full cooperation of the inventor and the mutual desire of the student or faculty.


If I have an invention or a good idea, is SN2E obligated to commercialize them?

Not every idea or invention is suitable for commercialization. SN2E promises to carefully evaluate every submitted project or invention. After the process of evaluation, SN2E will decide whether or not to promote commercialization, and will notify the inventor.


What does SN2E gain?

If the project succeeds, SN2E receives a commission as determined by the Council for Higher Education (CHE). It is important to note that SN2E will never own the rights to the invention itself.


Who should I contact to evaluate my invention?

We have a representative that works directly with SN2E at every institution. Please contact us for more information about the contact person at your institution: