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Active Pack™

Process for Improving Preservation of Packaged Foods

In the fresh-food packaging industry, extending product shelf life is a high-value proposition. Effective treatments for food-preservation exist, but remain far from optimal. Treating mass-market packaged products is complex and expensive, involving changes in the manufacturing and/or packaging process, including capital investment in new machinery.
Packaging can be pre-treated, but the release of the treatment agent is uncontrolled and is concentrated at the treated surface. The patented oil-impregnated thermoplast Active PakTM process enables shelf-life freshness extension treatments in the form of essential oils (EOs) to be added to thermoplastic master batches and released in a fully controlled manner. The process includes a means of pre-determining the release rate of the EOs to the packaged product. Innovative Bio-Active Thermoplast process delivers high EO-to-product yield and improved economics.

– Using organic ingredients only extends shelf life – fresher food to consumer.
– Efficacy has been demonstrated in vegetables and fruit.
– Efficient use of EOs – reduces waste and improves economics. No added production costs.
– Easy to implement – integrates seamlessly into existing manufacturing and packaging processes.
– Ready to use – no manufacturing or supply chain modifications required.
This enabling technology is intended for manufacturers of thermoplastic master batches for varied packages who can then sell the essential oil-impregnated master batches to manufacturers of plastic products for a variety of packaging applications.
– Food packaging and preservation
– Fragrance enhancement of plastic consumer goods
– Pesticide applications

Inventor: Prof. Amos Ophir
Patent: Pending
Institute: Shenkar College of Engineering