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Revolutionary Dye Tech™

Environmentally-friendly, durable dyeing technology reducing manufacturing time

The dyeing process is a major part of fabric manufacturing. The process is multi-staged, high on water consumption and acid usage, and devastating in terms of the byproduct pollutants generated. Each year 60 million metric tons of textiles are dyed at a rate of 100 liters of water per kilogram of material, translating into 6 trillion liters of clean water spent on the dyeing process annually. It is critical to develop a fabric dyeing method that reduces pollutant byproducts, is economical in terms of time investment and water consumption, and maintains
high compatibility with the current dyeing processes without impacting fabric quality.
The Revolutionary Dye TechTM platform creates a strong, durable connection between cellulose-based fabrics, like cotton, and dyes using UV light with no acid involved.

– Shorter dyeing process from 6 hours to 1 hour.
– Reduced manufacturing costs by 50-70%.
– Reduced water usage by 60+%.
– No acids or salts involved eliminating the need for purification facilities.
– Highly compatible with current dyeing processes.
– Long-lasting color – 30-300 washes.
– Higher level of precision with exact quantity of dye required per color – no color correction or trial and error.

– Primarily intended for use in the dyeing of cellulose-based fabrics. Manufacturers of cotton threads and fabrics, and dye manufacturers.

Inventors: Dr. Elizabeth Amir
Patent: Pending
Institute: Shenkar College of Engineering