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TexPilling AutoQA™

Automated, Accurate Pilling Prediction for the Textile Industry

Pilling is the formation of small fiber balls on the surface of a piece of cloth and is a common defect in low-quality fabric. For textile and clothing manufacturers, pilling is a threat to their reputation and brand loyalty. To ensure product excellence, the textile industry needs a pilling detection system that can gauge the quality of fabrics accurately, consistently, and reliably.
The TexPilling AutoQATM textile quality testing system is an empirically highly accurate electro-optic testing device and image processing solution that detects fibers that protrude from a fabric’s surface. Designed for use after the in-lab quality assurance (QA) process, it Evaluates the pilling degree and preventing problems that can affect the entire supply chain.

– Improved accuracy at lower cost – reduces need for expensive, time consuming, error-prone manual inspection.
– Portable – desktop device is small, light and easy to move.
– Reliable results – test method is deterministic, repeatable, error-free.
Textile Quality Testing System replaces manual testing:
– Textile manufacturers
– Textile buyers
– Clothing manufacturersInventors: Prof. Amotz Weinberg & Prof. Arkady Cherkassky
Patent: US7826642
Institute: Shenkar College of Engineering