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AFEKA, Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering

Your Sanctuary for Higher Engineering Studies

AFEKA, Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering, is one of the leading institutes in its field, and is recognized by the Council of Higher Education. Since its establishment in 1996, more than 4,800 graduates have completed their bachelor of engineering and master of engineering degrees at Afeka and have integrated into key positions in local and international organizations, in the fields of hi-tech, technology, research and development, defense, electronics, software, medicine, industry, machinery and management.

As a vibrant community of learning and imparting knowledge, Afeka is a fountainhead for hundreds of advocates of the engineering professions in Israel and each year is proud to be the academic and professional home of:

Afeka’s academic culture is characterized by an uncompromising striving for academic quality, excellence in teaching and nurturing innovation and creativity in all aspects of industry and combines a campus culture of active social life, social involvement in the community and broad cooperation with the business community.

Afeka offers a unique combination of high level academic studies, a multidisciplinary platform for acquiring knowledge, tools and competence and an enjoyable, pleasant and supportive learning environment at two campuses, “Kiriya” and “Ficcus” which operate in close proximity in the heart of the Tel Aviv hi-tech complex and at the center of the business and technological enterprise of the State of Israel. These advantages coalesce with widespread contacts amongst industrial enterprises and make Afeka into an ideal place for engineering studies and a springboard for rapid integration into the Israeli work place.

Afeka’s reputation in Israel and around the world has instituted its status as a leading academic institute for higher engineering learning and as an incubator for training expert professional engineers in their fields pursuant to international standards. As a leader, Afeka’s aspiration to be one step ahead has complemented the disposition of the College since its inception, having been chosen as the only technological college in Israel that is not a university, and later on with the international recognition granted to the College as the first Israeli academic institute that was accepted into the prestigious international organization, the CDIO Initiative (Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate), which incorporates dozens of leading academic engineering training institutes from all over the world.

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