SN2E opens the door to a rich resource of innovation for commercial applications, providing the industry with unlimited opportunities
SNE - Technology transferSNE - Technology transfer

SN2E is rapidly scaling to be the world’s leading IP marketplace, an Israeli aggregator representing up to 45 leading Startup Nation institutes generating world-leading IP with broad visibility into a vast array of technologies, know-how and approaches from Startup Nation’s leading academic institutions, hospitals and research centers that are ready for integration into Fortune 1,000 commercial products and solutions.

Exceptional Investment Opportunities

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Israeli researchers, would you like a direct, faster connection to the Fortune 1,000 multi-national corporations and their IP acquisition executives to accelerate the commercialization and monetization of your IP?
SN2E is rapidly scaling to be the world’s leading IP marketplace representing up to 45 leading Startup Nation academic institutions, hospitals and research institutes and their commercializable IP and know-how in a wide range of scientific fields.
Academic Institutions budgeted by the Council of Higher Education, which will commercialize exclusively through SN2E, will receive direct funding from a designated budget of 14M INS. The purpose of this budget is filing  and commercialization of new intellectual property 

The Most Direct Route to IP Commercialization

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SN2E has dozens of IP ready for industry growth applications, hundreds of IP in the development pipeline, and thousands of Startup Nation researchers across the widest range of industry use cases available to apply their technological know-how to industry growth needs.

With an end-to-end customer-centric IP commercialization process and Startup Nation IP pipeline, SN2E creates an unprecedented direct and fast connection between Israel’s leading researchers and Fortune 1,000 Innovation Centers, M&A, and Ventures Executives to identify business growth needs and strategic IP solutions.


A Fresh Source of Practical Israeli IP

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SN2E closes $2.5 million financing round

Israel, July 2016

SN2E, Israel’ Technology Transfer Company, has closed a $2.5 million financing round from Arieli Capital, a venture capital fund founded and managed by Eric (Ariel) Bentov.

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