SN2E opens the door to a rich resource of innovation for commercial applications, providing the industry with unlimited opportunities
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Industry-ready IP


Startup Nation 2 Enterprise (SN2E) offers commercial entities seeking to augment their own R&D with externally sourced innovation a fast-track to pre-qualified, patent-protectable IP.  SN2E  aggregates and commercializes IP developed at more than 40 Israeli government-funded academic institutions, hospitals and research centers.
SN2E is rapidly scaling to be the world’s leading IP marketplace representing up to 45 leading Startup Nation academic institutions, hospitals and research centers and their commercializable IP and know-how in a wide range of scientific fields.

Today, with unmatched access to new technology inventions in a wide range of scientific fields, SN2E has dozens of IP ready for industry growth applications, hundreds of IP in the development pipeline, and thousands of Startup Nation researchers across the widest range of industry use cases available to apply their technological know-how to industry growth needs.

The SN2E INFORMED IP MEMBER, end-to-end customer-centric IP commercialization process and Startup Nation IP pipeline create an unprecedented direct and fast connection between Israel’s leading researchers and Fortune 1,000 Innovation Centers, M&A, and Venture Executives to identify business growth needs and strategic IP solutions more efficiently than current TTO models.  The process efficiently identifies inventions and new products with tangible business potential and filters them according to each company’s requirements.  SN2E also works closely with research institutes and industry partners to enrich inventions to meet highly specialized needs and create active cooperation channels between industry and academic partners.

Access to broad pool of academic research

With its reach into more than 40 institutes,  SN2E also provides companies with access to a rich pool of knowledge. Companies looking for new product ideas and access to research across a vast array of fields can make use of existing research programs, save time and cost, while gaining the extra credibility that comes from an independent academic study or trial.

Opportunities to initiate research

Likewise, when specific research is required, SN2E can streamline the process of identifying the right institutes to conduct the study and work with all parties to ensure a smooth process from definition through to sharing and publishing of results.

A winning global IP business team

Founded in 2014, SN2E has built a team of highly experienced global business, sales, technology, IP lawyers, Fortune 500 Chief Marketing Officer and innovation executives from a broad range of industries.  Our experts are on-the-ground in Israel and North America to be of service to our Fortune 1,000 IP customers and IP institutions.  SN2E provides a highly efficient, white-glove service to complete solutions for licensing technology and transforming IP into commercial success. With its business-oriented approach, multi-disciplinary expert team, end-to-end customer-centric IP commercialization and business development process, SN2E  brings unique value to every step of the invention protection process while enabling fast Return on Innovation for all parties.