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Ruppin Academic Center

Social Academia with an Environmental Agenda

logo.Ruppin_roundRuppin’s Founding Legacy: Vision & Pragmatism
Ruppin Academic Center was established in 1949 as a training center for Israel’s budding agricultural settlements. Today Ruppin upholds its legacy of developing the knowledge and know-how that Israel needs to thrive. Ruppin’s specialized undergraduate and graduate degree programs in social sciences, economics and management, engineering, and marine sciences combine a visionary outlook with practical training.

Flagship Programs: Marine Science & Immigration Studies
Ruppin has flagged the sea and immigration as crucial research, teaching, and public policy frontiers. Founded over a decade ago as the only institute of its kind in Israel, Ruppin’s Institute for Immigration & Social Integration grants an MA in Immigration and Social Integration; develops cultural competency programs for the Israel Defense Forces, and Ministries of Education, the Interior, and Internal Security; and shares its scientific research knowledge in Israel and worldwide. Academics and policymakers from tens of countries around the globe participate in its annual international conference, and with the current refugee crisis, European policymakers increasingly seek Institute expertise.

Ruppin’s School of Marine Sciences enjoys a one-of-a-kind Mediterranean seaside location, a new green campus under construction, and labs utilized by scientists across Israel. The School grants Israel’s only BSc degrees in Marine Sciences & Environment and Marine Biotechnology, and offers unique MA & MSc programs in Marine Resources Management, Logistics & Maritime Systems, and the Ecology of the Mediterranean Sea. The School partnered with Israel’s top scientific institutions to create the Center for Mediterranean Sea Studies.

The Ruppin Student: Socially Aware, Active, and Motivated
Ruppin embraces and nurtures its students and alumni, consistently wins top ratings in student satisfaction surveys, and develops programs and offers support for new immigrants and students of Ethiopian descent. Awarded the Council for Higher Education prize for social action, Ruppin cultivates social consciousness among its student body of 4,000. By encouraging students to get involved in social action, community education, conservation, and immigrant mediation initiatives, Ruppin creates a cadre of graduates who benefit and uplift Israeli society.

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