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SNÉ presents Mobius Sound™ at the EastMakers event at the Google Campus

August 16 – September 7, 2016

SNÉ is proud to announce that the startup company Mobius SoundTM has won a place in the Israeli-Chinese hardware incubator that was launched in Tel Aviv on Monday, Aug 29.  Industrial designer Boaz Dekel, a graduate of Bezalel, designed the speakers. The goal was to solve the age-old problem of back wave sounds with an innovative design.

The EastMakers Program is a new incubator that focuses on the Internet of Things and hardware. It is a collaboration between StartupEast, a three-year-old incubator that helps Israeli companies expand into Asian markets, and MakeMountain, a Shenzen-based incubator that helps companies in the field of manufacturing.

As the exclusive provider of IP commercialization services to all academic colleges and government-owned hospitals and research institutes in Israel, SNÉ is working with the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design on development of this new invention. The Mobius SoundTM is an award- winning innovation that combines science, design, and innovative manufacturing technology.