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Mobius Sound™

Improve Speaker Sound Quality

Even the best speaker systems today have problems with sound distortion due to rear sound energy bouncing back through the speaker. For those who care about quality acoustics, there’s a need to find a way to eliminate back-wave distortion for better audio fidelity.
The patent pending Mobius SoundTM reduces the problem of back-wave distortion in loudspeakers. At its core is an innovative, geometric design, enabled by 3D spiral structure. This exceptional design keeps the back-wave from reflecting back towards the speaker. This ensures that the acoustic energy of the back-wave is preserved, allowing it to play its role in the overall sound reproduction of the enclosure.

– 3D modern geometric design – keeps back-wave from bouncing back towards the listener.
– Significantly reduces distortion and listening fatigue to noticeably improve audio fidelity.
– Improved stereo image and sound stage.

– Commercial and consumer audio manufacturers, high-end luxury home, interior designers

Inventor: Boaz Dekel
Patent: Pending
Institute: Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem